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October 28, 2008
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My interest in protein structure began in the year 1999 when I took a biochemistry class focused on biomolecular structures. In this class I first visualized protein structures using the Swiss prot protein visualizing software. Its amazing how you can flip these structures and begin to correlate structure with function. And so I began learning about ways you can apply chemical modeling to predicting the behavior and apparently it is in the realm of possibility to design enzymes for catalyzing certain chemical reaction. Thus is the premise behind Hydrogen@Home. Designing proteins specifically for catalyzing hydrogen production.

Hydrogen as a fuel is one of many competing directions for a green energy revolution. Biology has the ability to produce it. The question remains whether it can be made economically. Through Hydrogen@Home, it may be possible to design enzymes for other biofuel production. We are moving towards implementing an interface for researchers to submit simulations that assist in the design of novel inorganic catalysts and enzymes.


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