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June 17, 2010
Anthropic Dreams
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Hello :)
I`m a scripter, so most of my points are from running recipes (mostly mine ofcorz :).
Feel free to comment or put ideas about what script should work.

Want support me? PM for my paypal ;] My old P4 HT need to be finally replaced :P

TYVM all folders supported me :)
My target is about $500 - nothing really top, but over 5x times faster ;]
On today (15-05-11) I have $70 :))

Status on 29-05-2011: $320 :) Thanks to the donor who wishes to remain anonymous :) Getting closer :)

Okay, this is enough for jump start a "base": mobo + memory + processor + chassis. Only lack of some video card will brother me now (my target is cheapest NV GTX 460, rest of stuff I take from my current build). Paypal flushed to normal account, need wait 2-3 days for money transfer. Then I make some shopping :) I hope in about week I can tell that my P4 is history :)
Thanks again to all donors :D

Logged to my bank account and… Yes!
Got another 70E (about $90) form another folder :)
Also my paypal transfer went into real world :)

Balance: $410, I decided to do it NOW. Shopping time! :]

AMD Athlon II x3 450 AM3 95W BOX
XFX Radeon HD 6770 1GB PCI-E BOX
Geil DDR3 PC12800 2x2048MB 1600MHz CL8
— added $50 to fill the gap ;]
Hopefully selling my old (current) hardware will cover it ;]

About week co complete and delivery. I`ll have my Foldit b-day present :))

Stay tuned!

(9th-11th off-line - ISP problems…)

Gap filled, another donation - second form same person :) Thank you!

10-06-2011 11pm
Package is waiting! :) Yay!
Unpack, hour of screwdriver work and…. gang! My power supply not have proper connector to power up new graphics card! My old one have standard molex, and there we have "special" 6pin connector… Good that mobo has internal GPU so I can runt it anyway. Connect HDD…
Power on…. BSOD. wtf? Reset…. BSOD. Darn! Looks like windowz not like when it is moved on HDD to totally different machine. OK, backup partition, format, win7 DVD… BSOD??? "not acpi compliant"? update BIOS??? this is less than year construction!… grrr…. 2am… ok, XP first then… working. Now run setup 7 under XP… works…. 3am…. ok 4am and Seven boots up properly :) YAWN. Download Foldit… works :) Restore some backups… Wow, 428 looks pretty fast now! (snooze)
10am Another shopping trip to get 500W PSU that have proper connectors. 11am Now put card again… connect to monitor? wtf? NOOOOO!!! It have mini HDMI! … geez (old one was on normal hdmi connector)… another trip to buy proper cable ;]

12-06-2011 00:40 am ;]
So it is up. All works really cool and pretty fast. No comparison at all. Only my room is getting hotter…. ;]

Thanks 100s times again to all donors :D Everyone except one want to be anonymous, so I decided to not post any names there.

Now back to folding!

2011-09-05 update.
Top 10 solo broken! Im now #9 :) From day I have new machine Im in solo top20 on almost every puzzle. And have my 1st #1 solo :) Also got Master Soloist achievement.
Again thanks to all players that helped me to make it happen :)

Rank up!
After scores are fixed and counted again I`m #8 solo :)

Because there are questions there is my Paypal:
rav3n_pl (at)
Any penny is good to help keep my wife and kids from PC :P
Again thanks for all support/donations and good words :)

29-09-2011 Rank up again!
From now my best place is #7 solo! :)

#6 global solo! My new best place ever!
Also got some funds, my BBF* hard drive is close :)
Thanks again for all good words and all donations :)

*BBF=Better, Bigger, Faster ;]

2011-10-23 rank UP!
I get #5 solo :)
HDD postponed, need UPS in first place, i have few second blackouts every day… annoying! It is killing my PC ;]

Now back to folding!


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Design of the Month: October 2021 12,895 1 94 11 months ago
1987: Revisiting Puzzle 63: Spinach Protein 8,703 2 103 over 1 year ago
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Easy Mini Freestyle 7,346 1 196 about 2 years ago
LCB1 Coronavirus Spike Binder (corrected) 12,141 1 253 about 2 years ago
1884: Refinement Target: R1056 10,039 3 86 about 2 years ago

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1817: Coronavirus ORF6 Prediction 9,142 1 54 over 2 years ago
1209: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 74 8,675 1 35 over 6 years ago
1146: Revisiting Puzzle 94: Mouse 8,949 1 40 almost 7 years ago
1047: Revisiting Puzzle 58: Insulin Mutant 9,214 1 26 over 7 years ago
1043: 55 Residue Symmetric Hexamer Design 11,675 3 21 over 7 years ago


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