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May 15, 2009
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2119: Revisiting Puzzle 124: PDZ Domain 9,872 2 64 7 months ago
2116: Revisiting Puzzle 117: Transport Mutant 9,106 2 75 7 months ago
2113: Revisiting Puzzle 115: Exocyst 9,513 3 79 7 months ago
2045: Revisiting Puzzle 82: Cytotoxin 8,000 1 101 about 1 year ago
2033: Revisiting Puzzle 76: Plant Seed Protein 8,406 1 104 about 1 year ago

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Achieved Soloist rank 30 or better in at least 5 puzzles
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Achieved Soloist rank 20 or better in at least 10 puzzles
Junior Debugger
Reported 1 bug that was fixed by the Foldit team
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Provided 1 feature/suggestion feedback that was implemented by the Foldit team
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Complete 10 moves
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Complete 100 moves
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Complete 1000 moves
Professional Mover
Complete 10000 moves
Mover and Shaker
Complete 100000 moves
Perpetual Motion Machine
Complete 1000000 moves
Finish all of the 'Sideschains' intro puzzles
Backbone Packing
Finish all of the 'Backbone Packing' intro puzzles
Hydrogen Bonding
Finish all of the 'Hydrogen Bonding' intro puzzles
Hydrophobics and Hydrophilics
Finish all of the 'Hydrophobics and Hydrophilics' intro puzzles
Protein Design
Finish all of the 'Protein Design' intro puzzles
Tools and Types
Finish all of the 'Tools and Types' intro puzzles
Finish all of the 'Sequences' intro puzzles
More Molecules
Finish all of the 'More Molecules' intro puzzles
Conditional Quests
Finish all of the 'Conditional Quests' intro puzzles
Finish all of the 'Blueprints' intro puzzles