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Recipe: band to ligands like glutathione tilmorrow

created by zo3xiaJonWeinberg


band to ligands like glutathione tilmorrow
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band to ligands like glutathione! bedugged
Created on
July 28, 2022 at 22:41 PM UTC
Updated on
July 28, 2022 at 22:41 PM UTC

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If you see Error: Cannot find the
specified recipe,
then it is currently unshared to
your group, but you can ask for it.
I test my recipes once for crashes
after changing 1 line.

Run on a Design puzzle.

hair protein amino added to bagels.
will lag whole Mac if you run
AFK3.1.1 afterwards (as of 2021-06).

Glycine Max is the Latin name
for soya.

Monosodium Glutamate:
weijing, umami, savory
The best starter amino acid
if you want rank 70/100
Major component of nerves
and neurons.

Player Enzyme likes all valine.

Glutamine (Q): amino in
white kimchi and sauerkraut.
Conditionally essential amino.
Can be converted from citrate or
glutamate when you're not sick,
and thus tastes in between citrus
and savory.

Click on a folder and
rename to .Lua to export.

Update '22
Hold off on dousing w/ shoyu
first to resume progress.

Why keep simulating neurons
in a recipe
when I can simulate a
neurotransmitter (glutamate)
and an amino (tryptophan)
that breaks into serotonin and
dopamine directly within Foldit?

I spilled a wrap making this recipe
so try it.

ration wetware
neurotrans print.Lua
The name wetware comes from
Ex Machina.
Yielded 12750->12771 on
Beg. NCOV Jan 13 '22.

Jan 18
Note that I don't run recipes
overnight since I got an infrared
heatbulb which is more homely.
I also don't play by hand because
I'm trying to improve my vision.
Therefore, my score may not
reflect recipes usefulness.
I made a small change to try to
make this recipe more useful
in non-design puzzles, where it is
a challenge to create a unique
oracle protein solution.
Just clash the oracle low
if scoring low.
Probs only works on predict
puzzles with tryptophan and
glutamate, such as Pumpkin seed.

Open the gears to see Behavior.

Jan. 19
Deus Ex Mecoleslaw (glutamine)
Glutamine added cuz it has
ammonia (and MSG) which affects
brains for better or worse.

Jan 21
This recipe will crash from 11am
to 7 pm tomorrow,
so as not to dry out your eyes.
This article
"Major Chemical Constituents
of Bamboo Shoots"
by Jia Sun, Zhao-Qing Ding, etc.
helped me find the aminos I
wanted, but I accessed it through
my school, so I didn't make it
easy to figure out which aminos,
spoiling the article.

Jan 24
Had a dream about WRAX which
gave me the idea to use WRAKS
aminos. Currently works only on
design. Put neurotrans on

Feb1 xinniankuaile
Alphafold trimer 10500->11432
in 5 min.

feb. 17
no added MSG, which crystallizes
the protein and is better for the
endgame, or if you just want
rank 50 fast.
Glutamine is an alternative to MSG
that is not crystals and spoils fast,
for example it tastes like okra
which spoils
(while savory MSG
prevents spoiling)
and glutamine is said to be
needed when sick.
However, this recipe version
contains neither for now.
Improved tetramer over parent.

"A gentleman is like water in a
vase, adapting to any situation."

Zinc-fingers are protein structures
involving bonds between cysteines
and histidines (and maybe each
other, too, I forget).
I ranked up with an earlier predict
version of this recipe
on Band length default 2,
and again with 3.5.

Sadly this won't work to its
full potential without multiple cys
and/or histidines, if not on design.
This day's glutathione puzzle only
has 1 cystine and no visible ligand,
sadly, but Aug. 2022
onward, try it.

Best for


--1st line blank help() --jon resetting clash for BWP and other new sliders for AFK too --begin Josh's Fuse snippet -- Josh's Fuse - 6 Nov 2020 - see notes at end -- print ( "Josh's Fuse" ) behavior.SetPackingImportance(0.17) seventeen = behavior.GetPackingImportance() behavior.SetPackingImportance(0.18) eighteen = behavior.GetPackingImportance() modding = true if (seventeen == eighteen) then modding = false end function resetBehavior() behavior.SetClashImportance ( 1.0 ) behavior.SetSidechainHBondImportance ( 1.0 ) behavior.SetBackboneHBondImportance ( 1.0 ) behavior.SetPackingImportance ( 1.0 ) behavior.SetHidingImportance ( 1.0 ) behavior.SetPairwiseImportance ( 1.0 ) end --end Josh's Fuse snippet resetBehavior() oracleStartScore=0 save.Quickload(20) save.Quickload(2) band.DeleteAll() freeze.UnfreezeAll() --save.SaveSolution("oracle") save.Quicksave(2) recentbest.Restore()--Save () -- Save the current pose as the recent best pose. band.DeleteAll() freeze.UnfreezeAll() rbstartScore = current.GetEnergyScore () -- Get the current energy score. print ( "rb starting score = " .. rbstartScore ) -- print the starting score --save.SaveSolution("scoring") save.Quicksave(1) --"the one" --78.8% cpu no recipe 2022 --88% cpu no recipe running --100% cpu just checking hour --140% cpu active Neural Net daystart=os.date("%d") while true do today=(os.date("%d")) hour=(os.date("%H")) --hour="00" --hour="23" daytime=(tostring(11)<hour and hour<tostring(19)) if today>daystart and daytime then print("should cpu be sleeping, don't dry ur eyes out") crash() end --this is intentionally not a real func oracleFeeling=current.GetEnergyScore()-oracleStartScore oracleSays=oracleFeeling<=0 --structure.IsHydrophobic(structure.GetCount()) --oracle bones attempt print("oracle feels "..oracleFeeling) print("oracleSays: ") print(oracleSays) oracleStartScore=current.GetEnergyScore() --save.LoadSolutionByName("scoring") --save.Quickload(1) behavior.SetFiltersDisabled(false) startscore=current.GetEnergyScore() repeat if math.random(4)>3 then band.DeleteAll() end iterstartscore=current.GetEnergyScore() if (oracleSays and false) then behavior.SetClashImportance(1) else --behavior.SetClashImportance(0.5+math.tanh(oracleFeeling)/2) end structure.ShakeSidechainsAll(1) structure.WiggleAll(1) improv=current.GetEnergyScore()-iterstartscore print("improv "..improv) until improv<=6 score=current.GetEnergyScore()-startscore save.SaveSolution("scoring") save.Quicksave(1) --behavior.SetFiltersDisabled(true) --save.LoadSolutionByName("oracle") --save.Quickload(2) satisfaction=score-.9-math.random(2) oracleClash=math.tanh(0.5+math.tanh(satisfaction)/2) print("oracle clash "..oracleClash) if score<=0.9 then for neuron=1,math.ceil(9/(score+1))+1 do randseg=math.random(1,structure.GetCount()) for i=randseg,randseg do --chose from dendrite tree plant protein or brain dendrite protein aminoChoices={'h','c'}--,'e'}--,'l','v','g','f','y','c'} amino=structure.GetAminoAcid(i) if amino==aminoChoices[1] or amino==aminoChoices[2] then print("Zinc finger potentiate found") if bandEnd1==null then bandEnd1=i else bandEnd2=i if math.random(4)>3 then band.DeleteAll() end band.AddBetweenSegments(bandEnd1,bandEnd2) end end print("amino "..amino.." i="..i) --P for proline and an amino in in Prolamins in gluten in Pizza --glutamine is also in prolamins and in sauerkraut (pickled slaw) --glutelins [in gluten] "are also rich in hydrophobic amino acids, --with a content of phenylalanine [F], valine, tyrosine [Y], --proline and leucine corresponding to approximately 45% of the amino acid sequence" --Wikipedia --glutelins can also have disulfide bonds but cysteine is made from feathers/fur -- and IDK how it tastes but I'm guessing bad like taurine --but glutathione (glutamate+glutamine+cysteine) is in plants,fungi,animals too --e for msg (Monosodium GLUtamate) in tomato and cheese and shoyu --options: arndceqghilkmfpstwyv --g for glycine in Glycine Max (soy) --v for valine, suggested by Enzyme for 1947 --glutamine is Q, looks exactly the same in foldit without View (see can/"keneng") Atoms --I guess U is reserved for uracil? --Leucine --D for Aspartate (Gyoro-Gyoro's arms) --N for asparagine (ASN), also Gyoro-Gyoro --t for threonine -- --aromatic tennis rackets: --Histidine --Nezuko's food: --w for tryptophan in turkey, poultry, pumpkin seeds --y for tyrosine in cheese and Nezuko's food --f for phenylalanine end end end --behavior.SetClashImportance(oracleClash) structure.WiggleAll(1) save.SaveSolution("oracle") save.Quicksave(2) if bandEnd1==null then print("zero Zinc finger potentiates found (except maybe in ligands)") --band.AddBetweenSegments(integer segmentIndex1, integer segmentIndex2, [integer atomIndex1], [integer atomIndex2], [integer symnr2]) print("this puzzle has"..structure.GetSymCount().." symmetry or ligand") band.AddBetweenSegments(2, 1, 1, 1, structure.GetSymCount()) structure.MutateSidechainsAll(1) end end