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705: Centroid QTTN: Hand-folding Round

Closed since over 9 years ago

Advanced Overall Prediction Hand-Folding


April 29, 2013
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This is the first 'centroid mode' puzzle ever, a 398 residue Salmonella typhimurium protein.

The sidechains are not computed in this mode, so you will see them approximated as spheres on the backbone. Because of this, your tools and scripts will work differently. See the blog post for more info about 'centroid mode'.

You have 2 starting structures (reset the puzzle to switch between them) to choose from. Try to get as close to the native as possible with hand-folding and GUI scripts. There will be a follow up puzzle with LUA scripts enabled where you can load in your saved solutions from this puzzle.

Remember, your tools and scripts will behave differently, so explore new tactics to work on this larger protein.

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tamirh Lv 1

Yes, we are aware that puzzle 705 is coming three days after puzzle 706. This puzzle was supposed to go out before but there were some issues and we took some time to fix them. Enjoy the belated puzzle 705 (=

Note: You will need the latest client (April 26th or later) to play this puzzle.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

Since we know this puzzle is going to be tough, please make sure to read the entire puzzle description before trying this puzzle out.

We also recommend that you read tamirh's blogpost about these new centroid puzzles:

There is no Introductory Tutorial Level for this type of puzzle yet, so we don't recommend this puzzle for beginners (unless you are very brave! :-)

Please leave any suggestions for Centroid puzzles in Susume's feedback:

Thank you!

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

Centroid? Send this concept back to the Abyss whence it came.

Wiggle doesn't work. Rubber bands don't work. We're not allowed to touch sidechains. And yet the puzzle is still too complex for most computers to handle.


Can we get back to real puzzles, please? And then file centroids under "bad ideas".