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1482: Medium Monomer Design

Closed since over 4 years ago

Intermediate Overall Design


February 09, 2018
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This puzzle challenges players to design a single-chain protein with 75-90 residues. We've softened the penalties associated with the Core Existence filter, which have typically been very steep. The starting structure has 75 residues, but more can be added at a cost of 23 points per residue. See the puzzle comments for filter details. The Baker Lab will run folding predictions on your solutions for this puzzle, and those that perform well will be synthesized in the lab. Remember, you can use the Upload for Scientists button for up to 5 designs that you want us to look at, even if they are not the best-scoring solutions!

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bkoep Staff Lv 1

Residue IE Score: Monitors that all PHE, TYR, and TRP residues are scoring well.

Core Existence: Ensures that at least 30% of the residues are buried in the core of your design.

Secondary Structure: Checks that no more than 50% of residues are in helices; penalties are incurred if more than 50% of residues form helices.

Secondary Structure Design: Penalizes all CYS residues. Penalizes GLY, ALA residues in sheets; penalizes GLY, ALA, SER, THR in helices.

Residue Count: Penalizes extra residues inserted beyond the starting 85 70. Players may use up to 105 90 residues in total.

NinjaGreg Lv 1

It shows I have 75 residues, and it says it's 5 over the limit of 70. I haven't added any so what you've said above about starting with 85 is incorrect, also.

LociOiling Lv 1

I'm seeing 75 segments at the start, and was able to add up to 90. Looks like the comment in the filters was copied from another puzzle.

bkoep Staff Lv 1

You're right, there are some problems with this puzzle's setup. The puzzle should probably have started with 70 residues.

Since the puzzle is still technically functional, we won't bother pulling and reposting it; I've edited the comment and puzzle description above.

To clarify: Every additional residue beyond 70 will incur a 23 point penalty, and a maximum of 90 residues are allowed.