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1021: 65 Residue Monomer Design: SS Design

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Intermediate Overall Design


December 02, 2014
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In this puzzle, the SS Design filter also considers the environment around each residue, in addition to secondary structure. This means that some residue types will be restricted depending on whether the position is in the core or surface of the protein. There are several other filters in effect; see the puzzle comments for details. The Baker Lab will run folding predictions on your solutions for this puzzle, and those that perform well will be synthesized in the lab. Remember, you can use the Upload for Scientists button for up to 5 designs that you want us to look at, even if they are not the best-scoring solutions!

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bkoep Staff Lv 1

Residue IE Score: Monitors that all PHE, TYR, and TRP residues are scoring well.

Core Existence: Ensures that at least 25% of the residues are buried in the core of your design.

Fragment Score: Scans for parts of your design that are unlikely to fold up naturally. Use Rebuild and Remix tools to fix these regions of your design!

Secondary Structure: Checks that no more than 50% of residues are in helices; penalties are incurred if more than 50% of residues form helices.

Secondary Structure Design: Penalizes GLY, ALA, and PRO residues in helices and sheets. Also penalizes hydrophilic residues in the core and hydrophobic residues on the surface.

spmm Lv 1

there have been a lot design puzzles but there don't seem to have been any successful ones.

spmm Lv 1

it is actually facing internally towards another hydro and is loosing points. Not 'on the surface' at all.

bkoep Staff Lv 1

We realize it's been a while since we've given any substantial feedback on Foldit designs! Alpha/beta proteins are very tricky to design, but we've been seeing steady incremental progress. I'd like to make a blog post soon about the types of challenges we perceive in the current design environment.

bkoep Staff Lv 1

This looks like a slip up in the filter setup for this specific puzzle. Should be fixed in future puzzles.

Thanks for the feedback!