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Global Soloist Score: 2889 (memorial)


Name: auntdeen
Location: Connecticut
Started Folding: 04/19/09
My Homepage:
About me:

I discovered Foldit in April of 2009 after reading about it in Wired magazine. I fell in love with the game immediately! I've always loved logic puzzles and murder mysteries, but found that reading for pleasure got crowded out in my life in favor of trying to find just one more point :)

I was a solo player for a year, and did not chat much at all. When CASP 9 rolled around and the new Anthropic Dreams team was formed, I thought that maybe I had learned enough by then to contribute to team play. I really hadn't - but boy, I got a fast education from some of the best players who have ever played the game.

I was shanghaied into becoming a team admin when I suggested that shared evos should have more info in the notes rather than simply a cute name like "Dragon's Breath"or "Purple Haze".

After CASP 9, the 2 team founders took an extended break, so I found myself the defacto head of our team. Eventually, I ended up the listed manager, also.

In the years since then, I've tried to help our team become the best it can be. Along the way, I've also made friends with many players who are not on my team.

When I was shanghaied into becoming a global moderator, I started to realize how unique our community is - very intelligent, often older than most "gamers", a high proportion of women, a large dose of OCD. But what makes our community so extraordinary is our unusual blend of cooperation and competition. It reminds me of karate training in that way.

I've tried to make our community stronger by wiki contributions and the Black Belt folding videos. There is still so much to do in terms of information sharing! Many other players are, or have contributed much in the way of sharing info, and I applaud them. I hope that others will take up the torch and continue to make this wonderful community an even better one to participate in.

My time for folding is coming to an end… not by choice, but because I have pancreatic cancer. I have decided not to do any chemo - the side effects would prevent me from fully enjoying the time I have left. I am trying to get into a clinical trial at Dana-Farber in Boston, which would allow me to at least contribute to someday finding a cure. For more info about this, please see this feedback:

I'll post updates on this page as they happen. In the meantime - I'm feeling good, folding away and trying to contribute the best I can!

And as for my bucket list… I've been training in Tang Soo Do karate for the past 17 years, and would have been up for Master (4th dan) belt this year. Because of my illness, my Master & Grandmaster decided to bend tradition almost to the breaking point to grade me by myself a week ago. That was the biggest item on my list, mission accomplished - and very grateful! :)

Update 6-22-2014:

I went up to Boston to Dana-Farber, but the only trials they would consider me for were trials incorporating chemo, because I hadn't done chemo - or if I went and did chemo, then I could get into the ones without it :-P . Truly a catch-22, since my firm decision is NOT to do chemo (at best, it would only give me a couple extra months, no survival rate at all for my stage). Strange politics in that research world...

Ah well. I am having few, mild symptoms for now, and making the most of my time… short trips, eating whatever I want (dessert first is always fun!), putting things in order, and laughing as much as possible. I'm still doing karate :) And still folding!


Group: Anthropic Dreams


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ContestRankScoreLast Played
One last CASP9 Target!36/495,15208/26/10
'for everyone11/3921,07812/05/10
F20 for testing3/78,61302/01/11
BIG CASP9 contest24/5718,66408/23/11
Test Puzzle to Fix Client12/1710,20302/14/12
No Peeking - Immediately drag puzzle off screen when beginning. Players should NEVER see the protein. 32/449,35006/03/12
Frizzled Design because we are bored11/1210,07301/25/13
Two Day Beat Back the Boredom Puzzle10/11001/25/13
Another Beat Back the Boredom Old Style9/119,08401/25/13


Junior Soloist
Achieved Soloist rank 30 or better in at least 5 puzzles
Veteran Soloist
Achieved Soloist rank 20 or better in at least 10 puzzles
Master Soloist
Achieved Soloist rank 10 or better in at least 15 puzzles
Junior Evolver
Achieved Evolver rank 30 or better in at least 5 puzzles
Veteran Evolver
Achieved Evolver rank 20 or better in at least 10 puzzles
Master Evolver
Achieved Evolver rank 10 or better in at least 15 puzzles
Junior Contributor - Retired
Achieved Allhands rank 30 or better in at least 5 puzzles
Junior Cook
Created 1 recipe obtaining 4 or more stars and 5 or more votes
Veteran Cook
Created 3 recipes obtaining 4 or more stars and 5 or more votes
Junior Debugger - Retired
Reported 1 bug that was fixed by the Foldit team
Veteran Debugger - Retired
Reported 3 bugs that were fixed by the Foldit team
Master Debugger - Retired
Reported 8 bugs that were fixed by the Foldit team
Junior Consultant - Retired
Provided 1 feature/suggestion feedback that was implemented by the Foldit team
Veteran Consultant - Retired
Provided 3 feature/suggestion feedbacks that were implemented by the Foldit team
Master Consultant - Retired
Provided 8 feature/suggestion feedbacks that were implemented by the Foldit team



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