Global Soloist Rank: #57
Global Soloist Score: 628

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1913: MERS-CoV Binder Design: Round 34613,8971411/12/20
1912b: Designable Linker: Coronavirus Spike Binder9338,443511/11/20
1914: Revisiting Puzzle 141: Rosetta Decoy 57310,745611/07/20
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Coronavirus34812,7752011/06/20
1911: Revisiting Puzzle 140: Rosetta Decoy 45810,8891011/06/20
1910: MERS-CoV Binder Design: Round 2816,8157911/05/20
Design of the Month: November 20201920,326011/05/20
1912: Designable Linker: Coronavirus Spike Binder220011/05/20
1909: Symmetric Tetramer Design: H-bond Networks4318,1721111/04/20
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Symmetry Design800111/04/20
1908: Aflatoxin Challenge: Round 20 Loop Prediction529,4571910/30/20
1907: MERS-CoV Binder Design2513,7044410/29/20
1906: Symmetric Trimer Design: H-bond Networks5618,540510/28/20
Coronavirus Binder Metrics Sandbox40217,216010/23/20
1905: Aflatoxin Challenge: Round 19 Loop Prediction389,3702410/23/20
1904: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 205714,1121010/22/20
1903b: Two-sided Interface Design6619,398510/20/20
1902: Aflatoxin Challenge: Round 18 Loop Prediction239,7315210/16/20
1901: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 144811,4581810/15/20
1900: Symmetric Trimer Design: H-bond Networks5416,420810/14/20
1899: Revisiting Puzzle 139: Rosetta Decoy 39611,302110/09/20
1898: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 194714,3342210/08/20
1897: Symmetric Trimer Design: H-bond Networks5216,130810/07/20
1896: Revisiting Puzzle 138: Rosetta Decoy 27810,064310/02/20
1895: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 136911,0971010/01/20

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