Global Soloist Rank: #693
Global Soloist Score: 6

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1862: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 1314510,937107/16/20
1861: Symmetric Trimer Design: Buried Unsats11410,461107/15/20
1859: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 71557,743107/09/20
1858: Symmetric Trimer Design: Buried Unsats12410,048107/08/20
1857: Refinement Puzzle: R10291768,906107/03/20
1856: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 1215310,684107/02/20
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Symmetry Design848,689107/02/20
1855: Y1 Receptor ligand design1269,678107/01/20
1853: Symmetric Trimer Design: Buried Unsats11911,100106/25/20
1852: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 61568,453106/24/20
1851: Revisiting Puzzle 134: Rice1727,134106/19/20
1850: Symmetric Trimer Design: Buried Unsats1428,800106/18/20
1849: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 1118511,397106/17/20
1848: Revisiting Puzzle 126: Ethanolamine Utilization1289,349206/12/20
1847: Foldit Player Design with Electron Density1529,963106/11/20
1846: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 52303,936106/06/20
1845: Revisiting Puzzle 125: Ice Binding Protein1169,587306/05/20
1844: Coronavirus ORF3a Prediction1766,557106/04/20
1843: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 1017712,047206/03/20
1840: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 4233303,237105/27/20
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Coronavirus41012,9814005/27/20
1839: Revisiting Puzzle 117: Transport Mutant2038,694105/21/20
1837: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 922711,968305/20/20
1835: Coronavirus NSP2 Prediction3361,924105/14/20
1834: Coronavirus Anti-inflammatory Design: Round 316713,014805/13/20

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