Global Soloist Rank: #2044
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1592: Symmetric Dimer Design: Limited Interface810010/30/18
1588: 221-residue Cryo-EM Multi-Start with Density1810110/23/18
1545: Sketchbook Puzzle - Revisiting Puzzle 61: Designer Protein Top71188,822107/13/18
1525: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 1311440105/30/18
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Docking Design2938,149105/24/18
911: CASP11 T0795: WeFold Round763,211006/08/14
890: CASP11 T0759: WeFold Round (CLOSED and reposted as 890b)1411,877005/12/14
733b: Revisiting Puzzle 60: Beta Barrel3877,282106/20/13
733: Revisiting Puzzle 60: Beta Barrel (CLOSED and reposted as 733b)1827,540006/20/13
729: Revisiting Puzzle 59: TCR Binding Protein2754,067106/19/13
731: Unsolved Chicken Anemia Virus Protein (CLOSED and reposted as 731b)2610006/19/13
724: Blind Electron Density Puzzle 72720106/03/13
692b: Refinement of Puzzle 671 Open Phase2199,325103/23/13
692 (<15): (Old) Refinement of Puzzle 671 Open Phase279,325003/23/13
692 (<150): (Old) Refinement of Puzzle 671 Open Phase109,325003/23/13
692: (Old) Refinement of Puzzle 671 Open Phase779,302003/23/13
689b: Hand-Folding CASP10 T0711 Repost2227,602103/23/13
Sepsis Testing147,861002/22/13
674: CASP ROLL Target R0027 - Turkey Adenovirus3630102/18/13
675: Hydrogen-producing Catalyst Dimer (Fixed)2687,431102/18/13
669: De-novo Freestyle 183392,148101/14/13
644: Photo-Electric Hydrogenase Catalyst 12866,826110/20/12
630: Quick Frozen Cutpoint Puzzle2726,779109/14/12
629: Symmetric Beta Core Design Puzzle 32778,330109/14/12
578: Beginner Flu Puzzle 43228,865106/15/12

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