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Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Parabacteroides Distasonis19,32610007/24/16
1260: 85 Residue Monomer Design: Ideal Loop Filter1123,935107/19/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Staphylococcus Aureus Electron Density414,4868007/19/16
1258: Tuberculosis Challenge - Phase 11473,861107/18/16
1259: Revisiting Puzzle 61: Designer Protein Top7379,9042607/18/16
897: Large CASP11 Refinement Puzzle: TR7601639,389105/26/14
896: CASP11 T0769: WeFold Round349,8564205/24/14
894: CASP11 T0763: WeFold Round1108,069505/19/14
891: 80 Residue Monomer Design: Hairpinned2000105/19/14
892: CASP11 Target T0773: Server Models1588,865105/18/14
893: CASP11 Target T0769: High Power1319,526105/17/14
661: Malaria Puzzle15910,621812/20/12
Beginner Puzzle: Turkey Egg Lysozyme7510,7284312/16/12
660: Return of the Multi-Start Pseudomonas Aeruginosa15610,171612/11/12
659: Re-Return of the Tissue Regeneration Design Puzzle419,3135412/10/12
Beginner Puzzle: Killer Toxin3688,771112/10/12
658: Revisiting Puzzle 5312010,105712/07/12
654: Server models for R002511310,5951512/02/12
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin5358,656112/01/12
Beginner Puzzle (<15): Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin59,58110012/01/12
Beginner Puzzle: Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin869,5334612/01/12
657: Blind Electron Density 3403,9405612/01/12
656: 40 Residue Symmetric Trimer Retry7212,0832811/29/12
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Turkey Egg Lysozyme2588,352111/27/12
655: Blind Electron Density 22720111/24/12

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