Global Soloist Rank: #2607
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1307: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 901267,729111/13/16
1306: 70 Residue Monomer Design: Blueprint1108,220211/13/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Docking Design58,9429810/18/16
1294: 80 Residue Monomer Design: No Rebuilding!948,105310/17/16
1295: Revisiting Puzzle 74: Platypus Venom1627,854110/17/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Easy Mini Freestyle1637,834210/15/16
1293b: Dysferlin C2B Domain: Predicted Contacts1902,881110/07/16
1292: Revisiting Puzzle 73: Polycystein1518,383110/07/16
1288: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 881457,963109/24/16
1287: Revisiting Puzzle 71 with Density: Crystallin1649,027109/24/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Staphylococcus Aureus Electron Density3613,7332109/23/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Easy Mini Freestyle668,0143509/23/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle2478,026109/23/16
1275: 65 Residue Monomer Design: Helical Bundles1420108/27/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Staphylococcus Aureus Electron Density2613,682808/27/16
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Docking Design408,8116008/27/16
1142: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 581766,605210/03/15
1141: Revisiting Puzzle 92: Bacteria1908,457109/24/15
1125: 60 Residue Monomer Design1158,455308/14/15
1124: Revisiting Puzzle 86: Nematode1557,502108/14/15
1123: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 54: Predicted Contacts1189,012508/14/15
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Docking Design98,9349508/14/15
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Symmetry Design279,8922608/10/15
1121b: Ultra-compact 17-residue Marburg glycoprotein inhibitor design 214910,948108/10/15
1122: Revisiting Puzzle 85: Cell Adhesion Protein1477,455108/10/15

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