Global Soloist Rank: #2063
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1724: Revisiting Puzzle 68: Bos Taurus1107,483109/07/19
1716: Revisiting Puzzle 66: Cytochrome1079,206108/20/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Staphylococcus Aureus Electron Density4414,957108/16/19
1705: Revisiting Puzzle 62: Halorhodopsin1278,766108/03/19
1703: Symmetric Trimer Design: 70 Residues829,420107/30/19
1701: Cubane FeS Binder Design: Round 2936,402107/24/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle607,639107/21/19
1699: Revisiting Puzzle 60: Beta Barrel9210,984107/18/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Symmetry Design458,797107/17/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Parabacteroides Distasonis348,036307/16/19
1696: Revisiting Puzzle 59: TCR Binding Protein1018,484107/15/19
1698: Medium Monomer Design8410,569107/14/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Easy Mini Freestyle1137,776107/14/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Docking Design2218,149107/14/19
1695: Symmetric Dimer Design: 100 Residues839,211107/12/19
1697: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 1551053,239107/11/19
1692: Symmetric Trimer Design: 90 Residues960107/05/19
1693: Revisiting Puzzle 58: Insulin Mutant1088,271107/05/19
1691: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 1541145,885107/02/19
1689: Symmetric Dimer Design: 80 Residues827,438106/27/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Easy Mini Freestyle727,880104/11/19
1631: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 1451425,535102/02/19
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Staphylococcus Aureus Electron Density4614,958111/06/18
1500: Aflatoxin Challenge: Round 6 with Insertions1509,648103/26/18
1488: Small Monomer Design1005,411102/26/18

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