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Name: xiando
Location: here
Started Folding: 10/19/08
About me:

Actually, started in May of 2008, shortly after the game went public. The pat-on-the-back markers regarding my contributions is also totally skewed from what I did, in terms of the number of things I suggested that were later incorporated, bugs reported, assistance to newbs provided, etc.

In foldit, as in life, it does one well to remember that often
times, the most subtle perturbation can result in the most pronounced effect, and that at others, a sledge hammer is required to make the most resistant move even a little.

On Rebuild:

xiando> xidawg: define Rebuild

xidawg> Rebuild is an auto-erratic function that plays with itself until you
                        make it  quit.

And a Foldit  "best moment" for me goes something like this...

>rmmule "this is hard"

>rmmule "y are you even playing this?"

>Nicky666  "because it's hard"


"DarkJMKnight: Meh... I just don't have the time for vague instructions. I get enough of those at work."

The mind is a beautiful and terrifying place, full of chaos and order, dancing in an endless duel from birth to death

Hobbies: folding
Group: Oma Gawd


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Junior Soloist
Achieved Soloist rank 30 or better in at least 5 puzzles
Veteran Soloist
Achieved Soloist rank 20 or better in at least 10 puzzles
Master Soloist
Achieved Soloist rank 10 or better in at least 15 puzzles
Junior Debugger - Retired
Reported 1 bug that was fixed by the Foldit team
Veteran Debugger - Retired
Reported 3 bugs that were fixed by the Foldit team
Junior Consultant - Retired
Provided 1 feature/suggestion feedback that was implemented by the Foldit team
Veteran Consultant - Retired
Provided 3 feature/suggestion feedbacks that were implemented by the Foldit team
Master Consultant - Retired
Provided 8 feature/suggestion feedbacks that were implemented by the Foldit team
Baby Steps
Complete ten moves
Step Routine
Complete one hundred moves
Moving Up
Complete one thousand moves
Professional Mover
Complete ten thousand moves
Mover and Shaker
Complete one hundred thousand moves
Finish all of the 'Sidechains' intro puzzles
Backbone Packing
Finish all of the 'Backbone Packing' intro puzzles



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