Global Soloist Rank: #1012
Global Soloist Score: 8

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
712: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 2010 2178,943105/14/13
710: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 200816710,440805/14/13
708: Multi-Start 76 Residue Symmetric Dimer16912,072205/03/13
Beginner Puzzle: Turkey Egg Lysozyme13810,038205/03/13
706: De-novo Freestyle 23 Round 212210,095505/02/13
704: Revisiting Puzzle 54 (Human Fyn 2)2358,986105/01/13
705: Centroid QTTN: Hand-folding Round2424,986105/01/13
707: Revisiting Puzzle 58 (Insulin Mutant)998,1641205/01/13
701: Revisiting CASP ROLL Target R00051809,388204/28/13
703: De-novo Freestyle 23: Hand-folding Round1968,596104/27/13
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin39,6139704/20/13
698 (<150): Human cancer protein interaction network target511,1788304/16/13
679b: De-novo Freestyle 20 2138,806102/26/13
667: Return of the Multi-Start Bacteroides Vulgatus Puzzle2309,838201/10/13
666: Blind Electron Density 61537,974301/09/13
665: Solo Hand-Folding Diversification Puzzle2229,592101/06/13
664: Unlocked Frizzled Design Puzzle14010,181601/03/13
Beginner Puzzle: Platypus Venom418,731712/28/12
Beginner Puzzle: Killer Toxin399,824712/19/12
661: Malaria Puzzle21810,213212/18/12
660: Return of the Multi-Start Pseudomonas Aeruginosa1849,860312/17/12
Beginner Puzzle: Turkey Egg Lysozyme1849,967912/03/12
657: Blind Electron Density 31802,513311/29/12
656: 40 Residue Symmetric Trimer Retry2179,660111/28/12
Beginner Puzzle: Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin229,6488411/27/12

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