Global Soloist Rank: #1821
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
103: Challenge Puzzle1289,4711111/10/08
104: Helices Out of Place4119,077111/06/08
102: Many Things Out of Place12510,943210/30/08
101: Some Things Out of Place1429,591110/30/08
100: Something Out of Place 313810,528210/30/08
97: Pig2009,152110/20/08
96: Collagen2598,637110/20/08
95: Chicken1929,443110/13/08
94: Mouse1278,938410/13/08
93: Spider Toxin1938,062110/13/08
90: Heliomicin2538,343109/30/08
88: Monocyte1518,896109/29/08
89: Cow Eye10610,408509/29/08
86: Nematode918,8621109/25/08
87: Zinc Binding Protein1888,040109/25/08
85: Cell Adhesion Protein898,700909/21/08
84: Giant Anemone628,4302209/21/08
83: Cardiotoxin448,3473909/19/08
82: Cytotoxin978,5951109/15/08
81: Calcium Ion Binding Protein779,6391409/12/08
80: Calcium Channel Blocker1218,736309/05/08
78: Membrane Protein839,2891009/05/08
79: Pheromone1258,587309/05/08
77: Gene Regulation Protein699,2271208/28/08
76: Plant Seed Protein1298,509208/28/08

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