Global Soloist Rank: #1128
Global Soloist Score: 5

Evolver Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1590c: Aflatoxin Challenge: Round 111112,0027411/04/18
1588: 221-residue Cryo-EM Multi-Start with Density1222,2907511/01/18
1579: 221-residue Cryo-EM Multi-Start Puzzle198,6824810/02/18
1571: Revisiting Puzzle 79: Pheromone1410,2815709/10/18
1530: Symmetric Trimer Design: Hydrogen Bond Networks3011,4902406/06/18
1526: Revisiting Puzzle 67: Integrase2610,1974106/03/18
1528: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 132279,7743606/02/18
1524: Symmetric Dimer Design: Hydrogen Bond Networks918,1187405/26/18
1521: Symmetric Dimer Design: Hydrogen Bond Networks3014,5052705/18/18
1511: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 1291310,5376104/22/18
1507b: Malaria Vaccine Design1833,6395404/14/18
1505: Aflatoxin Challenge: Round 72813,3604304/07/18
1391: Revisiting Puzzle 115: Exocyst169,5645806/22/17
1392: Large Monomer Design: Smaller Core2210,4813806/19/17
1278: Revisiting Puzzle 69: Scorpion Toxin259,9295609/02/16
1277: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 83: NMR Constraints4022,9332908/29/16
1276: Revisiting Puzzle 68: Bos Taurus338,9823408/27/16
1273: Revisiting Puzzle 67: Integrase289,0324608/19/16
1263: 70 Residue Monomer Design: Ideal Loop Filter249,9624107/26/16
1262: Revisiting Puzzle 62: Halorhodopsin1811,9886007/26/16
1241: Revisiting Puzzle 54: Human Fyn128,9547706/07/16
1242: 85 Residue Monomer Design: Residue Count Filter2010,5825306/07/16
1240b: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 80: Predicted Contacts912,5918206/04/16
1232: Revisiting Puzzle 157: Rosetta Decoy 14189,9286205/16/16
1184: Revisiting Puzzle 134: Rice359,8694701/26/16

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