Global Soloist Rank: #1873
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
691: 60 Residue Tetramer3070104/01/13
690: 76 Residue Dimer2440104/01/13
Beginner Puzzle: Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin3078,818104/01/13
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Headpiece Domain of Chicken Villin999,1541604/01/13
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Streptococcal Protein1159,1132103/13/13
Beginner Puzzle (<15): Streptococcal Protein2679,0812703/13/13
685: Hand-Folding Refinement of Puzzle 6712009,337103/13/13
685 (<150): Hand-Folding Refinement of Puzzle 671259,3554503/13/13
685 (<15): Hand-Folding Refinement of Puzzle 6711409,3391603/13/13
591 (<15): Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR671569,2522407/10/12
591: Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR6711799,337107/10/12
587: 30 Residue Symmetric Dimer Freestyle2188,548107/02/12
588: Normal Start CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR67916912,170107/02/12
Beginner Puzzle: Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein3378,580107/02/12
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein-8,582-07/01/12
585: CASP10 Target T07222487,525107/01/12
Beginner Puzzle (<15): Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein-8,674-07/01/12
Beginner Puzzle (<15): Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein808,8378011/01/11
474: Revisiting Puzzle 15730810,216111/01/11
474 (<150): Revisiting Puzzle 15712410,197110/31/11
474 (<15): Revisiting Puzzle 1574010,2786310/31/11
398: De-novo Freestyle 32367,699102/12/11
399: Design the Interface 6b1480102/12/11
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Viral Macrophage Inflammatory Protein339,0946302/05/11
397 (<150): Quest to the Native Design79,6007402/05/11

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