Global Soloist Rank: #7
Global Soloist Score: 2449

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
2168: Symmetric Pentamer Design with AlphaFold Predictions-20,943-16:40
2166: CD47 Binder Design: Round 10-13,995-16:40
2167: Electron Density Reconstruction 9-19,588-Yesterday
2165: Symmetric Pentamer Design with AlphaFold Predictions622,5846707/01
2164: Revisiting Puzzle 141: Rosetta Decoy 52011,4912906/30
2163: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 10821,7206506/29
2162: CD22 Binder Design: Round 5314,2708806/24
2161: Revisiting Puzzle 140: Rosetta Decoy 41511,3055106/23
2160: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 9321,7958706/22
2159: Symmetric Tetramer Design with AlphaFold Predictions419,5367906/17
2157: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 81722,1183106/15
2158: 588-residue Electron Density Reconstruction 8: Round 22852,0261106/14
2156: TGF Binder Design: Round 18610,9837206/10
2155b: 588-residue Electron Density Reconstruction 86228,957106/09
2154: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 71522,4174606/08
2153: Symmetric Tetramer Design with AlphaFold Predictions1122,7724906/03
2151: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 61621,4003906/01
2152: CASP11 Refinement Puzzle (TR760) with Trim Tool 3912,814606/01
Design of the Month: May 20224913,656005/29
2150: CD47 Binder Design: Round 9713,7156905/27
2149: Revisiting Puzzle 139: Rosetta Decoy 33912,2581105/24
2148: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 52121,0112105/24
2147: Symmetric Tetramer Design with AlphaFold Predictions620,6226805/20
2146: Revisiting Puzzle 138: Rosetta Decoy 22810,4221705/18
2145: KLHDC2 ligand design: Round 42521,1282605/18

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