Global Soloist Rank: #1458
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
729: Revisiting Puzzle 59: TCR Binding Protein139,4278106/19/13
730: Blind Electron Density Puzzle 82410,6006206/18/13
728: De-novo Freestyle 25: Hand-folding Round3710,6255006/17/13
727: Third Sepsis Puzzle: Round 2249,5946606/13/13
726: Revisiting Puzzle 62 (Halorhodopsin)1613,5167706/12/13
724: Blind Electron Density Puzzle 7499,4384306/11/13
725: Quick 60 Residue Tetramer Redesign1015,1318106/09/13
723: Server models for R0034111,24010006/08/13
722: Design the Core Round 23714,5234506/06/13
719: Two chains of Insulin Mutant Repost239,1226506/03/13
720: Quick Puzzle: 76 Residue Dimer712,7828605/31/13
718: Hand-Folding Flu Puzzle: Design the Core3314,4854905/30/13
717: CASP ROLL Target R00341311,2448005/29/13
714: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 2012227,5777605/28/13
716: Two chains of Insulin Mutant318,8785705/27/13
BETA 76 Residue Dimer Design Test A (708)212,538005/27/13
713: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 20119813,2351905/24/13
Beginner Puzzle: Turkey Egg Lysozyme211,3781005/21/13
712: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 2010 610,3749205/21/13
715: De-novo Freestyle 24: Round 2611,3999105/20/13
Please BETA-TEST: Flu Puzzle Core Redesign with Conditions1914,429005/19/13
711: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 20092410,8077305/17/13
710: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 2008810,9439205/14/13
709: De-novo Freestyle 24: Hand-folding Round2210,7426505/13/13
708: Multi-Start 76 Residue Symmetric Dimer1912,8447305/10/13

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