Global Soloist Rank: #62
Global Soloist Score: 471

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
688b: H-Bonding the Hydrogen-producing Catalyst Dimer 149,5307903/26/13
692: (Old) Refinement of Puzzle 671 Open Phase539,395003/23/13
686: De-novo Freestyle 21329,8336303/22/13
689: (Old) Hand-Folding CASP10 T0711 Repost48,361003/20/13
687: 76 Residue Monomer Repost529,3133503/19/13
688: (Old) H-Bonding the Hydrogen-producing Catalyst Dimer248,930003/19/13
684: Sepsis Puzzle 680 Open Phase359,4585403/17/13
BETA Catalyst Hbond Test128,780003/16/13
685: Hand-Folding Refinement of Puzzle 671659,4272603/14/13
682: 40 Residue Symmetric Trimer4011,9545503/14/13
683: CASP10 Target T0709 Repost698,6672503/11/13
681: Blind Electron Density Puzzle 5 Round 2!438,2345803/11/13
680: Solo Hand-Folding Sepsis Puzzle99,4579003/09/13
679b: De-novo Freestyle 20 1210,4318303/01/13
676: 76 Residue Monomer Freestyle4011,0195602/28/13
677: CASP ROLL Target R0026 with symmetry7117,8092902/26/13
678: Large CASP ROLL Target R0027 with symmetry2019,5206902/25/13
679: De-novo Freestyle 20449,623002/19/13
674: CASP ROLL Target R0027 - Turkey Adenovirus1911,1798002/18/13
675: Hydrogen-producing Catalyst Dimer (Fixed)829,2512002/16/13
673: CASP ROLL Target R0026 - Snake Adenovirus5210,3804702/15/13
Beginner Puzzle: Potato Multicystatin359,947702/09/13
675: Hydrogen-producing Catalyst Dimer (DEPRECATED)938,894002/08/13
TEST Dimer Hub98,736002/04/13
670: 30 Residue Symmetric Dimer of Dimers Freestyle Retry4412,5075802/03/13

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