Global Soloist Rank: #1811
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
221: Pack the Holes 11129,666211/09/09
220: Mini-CASP 3 - Last Chance1699,121111/09/09
Beginner Puzzle 10: Ocean Pout348,9945111/09/09
Beginner Puzzle 11: Pig848,7201011/09/09
183: Protein-Protein Design17412,405108/13/09
164 (<15): Quest to the Native 7249,650107/08/09
DEVPREV Disulfide/Histidine1129,214004/24/09
BETA Test Puzzle 199,561004/10/09
BETA Rebuild Test379,529003/13/09
Easy Puzzle178,277001/08/09
103: Challenge Puzzle1269,4721111/04/08
102: Many Things Out of Place15010,920111/04/08
95: Chicken1619,489310/16/08
85: Cell Adhesion Protein1398,582209/23/08
87: Zinc Binding Protein1738,068109/23/08
86: Nematode2848,391109/22/08
84: Giant Anemone2428,172109/22/08
82: Cytotoxin618,6382709/12/08
79: Pheromone908,625809/09/08
81: Calcium Ion Binding Protein319,7134909/08/08
80: Calcium Channel Blocker348,8944309/05/08
78: Membrane Protein139,5337509/04/08
77: Gene Regulation Protein429,2883009/04/08
75: Antifreeze Protein549,4943108/22/08
74: Platypus Venom778,3941608/22/08

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