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Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
1361: Variable Length Monomer Design: Helix Restrictions1330104/09/17
1327: Revisiting Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone1786,730101/18/17
1321: 90 Residue Monomer Design: Blueprint1250112/28/16
1241: Revisiting Puzzle 54: Human Fyn2007,369106/02/16
1204: Revisiting Puzzle 141: Rosetta Decoy 52308,148103/09/16
1179: 70 Residue Symmetric Dimer Design: H-Bond Networks1850101/13/16
1180: Unsolved De-novo Freestyle 642230101/13/16
1161: Revisiting Puzzle 112: Bovine629,1412812/01/15
1137: Two-component Abeta binder design2497,933109/24/15
1100: Vancomycin Binder Design: Hydrogen Bond Network2446,970106/13/15
1099: Revisiting Puzzle 76: Plant Seed Protein2534,441106/13/15
1093: 75 Residue Monomer Design: Best Fragments649,2023406/02/15
1095: Revisiting Puzzle 75: Antifreeze Protein2760106/02/15
1091: Blind Electron Density 12: C-terminus4911,1834305/29/15
1092: Revisiting Puzzle 74: Platypus Venom3265,947105/26/15
1087: Hydrogen Bond Network Filter9312,612005/18/15
1085: Player-Solution Redesign129,9857705/14/15
1078: 90 Residue Monomer Design: More Sheets!1830104/24/15
1076: Vancomycin Binder Design519,5033404/23/15
1077: Revisiting Puzzle 69: Scorpion Toxin2221,098104/22/15
1075: 75 Residue Monomer Design: More Sheets!499,3533204/20/15
1073: Marburg Binder Design with Disulfides5911,3632804/16/15
1074: Revisiting Puzzle 68: Bos Taurus2244,630104/13/15
1071: Blind Electron Density 10: Rosetta Model17912,475104/13/15
1072: Revisiting Puzzle 67: Integrase258,7205804/11/15

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