Global Soloist Rank: #1327
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
451: Unconstrained Refinement Puzzle6510,130509/03/11
453: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8 - Exporation Round 24432,006209/02/11
449: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8 - Constraints and Exploration5431,307508/28/11
448: H2N2 Flu Design Puzzle 2b2013,0138308/24/11
447: De-novo Freestyle 12 6810,0201008/23/11
Beginner Puzzle: Cold Shock Protein 1019,228608/23/11
445b: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8 - Double Start with constraints9610,431208/16/11
BETA Exploration Puzzle - Normal2211,385008/14/11
BETA Exploration Puzzle - Filter89,353008/14/11
446: Quest to the Native vs Electron Density 18211,381308/13/11
444: De-novo Freestyle 11829,590408/10/11
445: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8 - Double Start with constraints4810,124108/07/11
443: Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle 1008,906108/05/11
442: Slightly Constrained Exploration Puzzle Round 26930,408708/03/11
Beginner Puzzle: E.coli Lrp Protein869,1391307/07/11
437: Multi-Start Server Models1039,866207/06/11
436: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8A with constraints1269,805107/05/11
435: Slightly Constrained Exploration Puzzle7129,7081007/04/11
434: De-novo Freestyle 91139,741207/03/11
433: Slightly Constrained Puzzle2410,3044906/27/11
432: De-novo Freestyle 8739,3231206/24/11
Beginner Puzzle: Klebsiella Pneumoniae1129,335906/19/11
431: Multi-Start Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein 6310,247906/19/11
430: Easy Mini Freestyle Puzzle 1b 418,9481506/17/11
429: Heavily Constrained Puzzle699,825906/14/11

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