Global Soloist Rank: #2063
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
262: Quest to the Native 17908,968102/28/10
208: Finding Home5313,8852110/16/09
202: Quest to the Native 11: Mini-CASP 1908,154110/04/09
200: Mini-CASP 4-Freestyle549,209309/26/09
167: Flu Virus Design819,671207/12/09
163: Protein Interface Design8010,779207/06/09
158: Design Challenge 3559,469806/25/09
155: Quest to the Native 41669,990106/12/09
153: Rosetta Decoy 1316810,395106/07/09
154: Design Challenge 2719,360806/07/09
151: Design Challenge2339,556106/01/09
152: Quest to the Native 31609,056106/01/09
140: Rosetta Decoy 413910,273104/27/09
135: E-Coli928,9681804/04/09
133: Grand Challenge 11b1039,2431503/17/09
129: Grand Challenge 101619,505103/06/09
124: PDZ Domain Protein1129,723902/01/09
124 (<15): PDZ Domain Protein999,536202/01/09
70: Nucleosome Protein1519,806108/02/08
65: Short Puzzle1279,395107/21/08
CASP7 T380 Working Constraints589,0322706/29/08
CASP8 T0446 Constraints819,902106/26/08
CASP8 T0421 no constraints 24711,6021706/20/08
Unaided CASP7 T380 Constrained3810,6832906/20/08
61: Designer Protein Top75949,678106/07/08

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