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What should you do to succeed? Right now is the perfect time to work on building your resume, your area of expertise and your portfolio. You just have to work harder and smarter to earn a living as a freelance writer.

Work Harder

Fill your toolbox with new skills and hone the tools you already possess.

1) Take a class to broaden your skills.

2) Try different types of writing. If you usually write non fiction articles, try your hand at poetry. If you write novels, craft a personal essay. You may discover a medium of self expression that you’ve never considered before. New writing exercises will strengthen new muscles.

3) Try Creative Writing Exercises.

a) Free writing - writing for a set period of time, without pause or censure. Just write down whatever comes to mind and then look for patterns once you’re done

b) Clustering - writing a word or phrase and then branching out with all that comes to mind. This technique, sometimes referred to as mind mapping, can also be used for problem solving.

Write more not less. If you’re not working for hire you have a universe of subjects to write about. Use this time to stockpile work that has the potential to sell when markets turn around.

Work Smarter

With more people looking for work, it stands to reason many will seek the help of a professional writer to polish their resume. Think about adding resume writing to your portfolio of services.

Don’t discount online outlets for your writing. The pay may not be on par with traditional publishing, but the quantity of outlets is massive. What you lose in pay per article or word, you gain in quantity of articles or words to write.

Write what’s relevant today and you’ll have a better chance of selling it.

Even in a recession, people are interested in Finances, Technology and Personal Development.

Spend more time networking. Marketing yourself as a Freelance Writer is always important, but with fewer jobs available, it is critical to your success. Here are a few tips to get the word out:

1) Join your Chamber of Commerce.

2) Join a networking group, with professionals from various industries. Don’t join another writers’ group. It won’t do you any good to promote your services to a group of freelance writers.

3) Participate once you join. Don’t sit back and expect that joining a networking group is enough. Become an active member, volunteer for special events and interact with other members.

4) Check Help Wanted ads daily for writers’ jobs

5) Market yourself online. Create a blog, join and participate on forums, submit samples of your writing to article repositories. Email direct promo about your availability, specialty and contact info to everyone in your address book.

6) Ask for referrals. Unless you ask, friends, family and existing clients may not think to recommend you to others. Don’t assume everyone knows you are looking for more work.

7) Talk to people. Don’t be shy, strike up a conversation and let people know you’re a freelance writer. You never know who could be a prospective customer and you never know who someone else knows.

All these actions will not only help when the markets are slow, they will position you for success when the markets pick up. Take advantage of down time while you can because very soon your days will be devoted to lucrative writing assignments.

Hobbies: writing, editing, playing games, reading


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