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Costa Rei, situated on the south-east shore of Sardinia, is regarding 50 km coming from Cagliari, the resources of the isle. Turquoise blue, crystal clear water is actually unique of this extent of coastline, renowned for its own light sand and its own area. Several inland lakes create a get for rare bird varieties. The Costa Rei is actually surrounded to the south due to the soft sand and rough gulfs of Sant'Elmo as well as to the north through Capo Ferrato, which is secured and can easily certainly not be constructed on. The natural charm of the Costa Rei approaches the popular Costa Smeralda. Small bays alternative along with long sandy seasides, facing an uneven backwoods along with time tested macchia and also establishing stone rocks.

If you desire to get to the Costa Rei, you will definitely go through some of the absolute most ribald territories of Sardinia: the Sarrabus. The elegance of the territory is even more enhanced due to the profile of the "Sette Fratelli" hill complex that dominates the park. The park is a natural haven of excellent value, a dreamland for loosening up strolls. In between the hills as well as the lavish hills and also the sea, which offers all sort of shades of blue, a growing Mediterranean maquis, in some spots the enchanting locations of the Costa Rei appear in sight, including Cala Pira: a tiny bay framed by dunes covered with great smelling juniper. This spot is actually made extra wonderful through the thin profile of the "Torre Aragonese" high rise that dominates the crystal clear sea.

The white beach front "Cala Sinzias" is actually enclosed between two cliffs and also is actually protected through a thick desire woodland. It is really near to the center of Costa Rei: a charming vacationer facility, found on an extent of fine white colored sand that appears unlimited, touched due to the sea along with its beguiling shades of shade, from turquoise green to dark blue. 10 kilometers of splendid beach front, which is actually a suitable location for any kind of kind of trip given that of its superficial waters as well as the great wide array of tourist solutions accessible, like high quality hotels and restaurants.

Behind the Costa Rei there is a productive farming place that gives a variety of organic products of excellent top quality. In the center of the fields as soon as planted by detainees in available prison, it deserves going to the past chastening nest of Castiadas, a building dating from 1877, which is now a social center and gallery.

Nearby is Muravera, a tiny dynamic community that gives splendid hospitality not merely in summer months. In reality, the whole community is very involved when in springtime the community celebration of citrus fruits, the "Sagra degli Agrumi". Right here it is possible to obtain to understand the boundless wide arrays of past and also folklore of the area, where the valorization of the standard culture is actually especially extreme.

If you would as if to have an unwinded, car-free seashore trip, the Costa Rei is actually the ideal location for you. The comprehensive beach fronts use tranquility and quiet.

Any individual that wants to savor, observe, hear and reek it at all times of the night and day will certainly seem like they remain in 7th heaven listed here. There is not one other place in Sardinia where trip properties as well as beach haven arrive closer as well as more unobtrusively with each other than in the town of Costa Rei. A couple of steps are adequate to commute between the sea and the mattress in your holiday home. En passend you can take everything along with you that makes kicking back also much more positive: caf├ęs, bars, frozen yogurt shops, pizzerias, restaurants, stands, section establishments as well as food items markets.

The "Costa Rei" Coast is perfect for loved ones, as well as not only considering that of its easy, strong framework, which proceeds right up to the seasides. Seaweed is actually extremely uncommon on the seashore during the taking a bath period.

Emerald-green hues blend right into the shade spectrum of the water there certainly, marble and also excitable rocks spellbind above the water along with magical forms and invite you to uncover undersea the sea flora and also fauna, which is among one of the most in one piece in the Mediterranean. It is actually merely a rock's toss through car to the rough beach bays with little soft sand seasides in the north of Capo Ferrato or even Cala Pira as well as Punta Molentis in the Sarrabus mountains. There is actually no lack of selection on the Costa Rei even with its nearly lifeless forthright duration.

With small temporal variants of the beach check outs, huge results could be accomplished on this coastal strip, which levels to the east. Early in the early morning prior to the sunshine increases from the ocean, as an example, when a fluorescent joint of delicate pink and also orange tones sharply splits skies as well as ocean for a couple of moments, perhaps with a revitalizing jump in to the water right before and also a hot, creamed coffee plus brioche at a bar soon after that. Or even at night, resting on a dune at twilight in the aroma of blooming seaside lilies, basic feet in the still cozy sand and also in your palm an ice-cold mirto (Sardinian myrtle liqueur), that makes the pastel-colored mixture in between blue and also violet, which beclouds the perspective in between heavens and also water, also tastier ... There is no far better method!

Those who come from the mountains of Sarrabus and find the standard coastline at Cala Sinzias, which here broadens into a tiny lowland level spotted along with mountains near the coast, will definitely massage their eyes: at the foot of Monte Macioni, a brilliant white colored strip of seaside along with a wide, blue-green as well as emerald green shining rug lightings up, which stretches in a mild contour over 3 kilometers to Sant'Elmo, hugely flanked by cactus hedges, mastic shrubs, dwarf hands, olive as well as eucalyptus plants. The area has actually continued to be exceptionally sparsely inhabited and also organic up until today. It was actually only slowly found out by tourist in the overdue 70s as well as up until then acted as a summer resort, especially for the occupants of Castiadas, 8 kilometers inland. The gulf of Cala Sinzias is looked at through the Italian Environmental Protection Association as one of the clearest and also most pristine seaside locations in Italy. No miracle that the rocky reefs in the end of the bay are an El Dorado for snorkelers and divers. An additional highlight of this bay are the coastline pubs, which along with every little thing your center desires create this seashore a wellness sanctuary for old and younger.


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