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Recipe: tlaloc Mutate All 3.04
Created by Tlaloc 61 2133
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Name: tlaloc Mutate All 3.04
ID: 8811
Created on: Thu, 08/19/2010 - 13:04
Updated on: Wed, 09/29/2010 - 10:35

Only useful on design puzzles. Mutates every mutatable segment to every possibility, then shakes out. Do not stop the script during the first part of the run (see output) as it will leave the segments in a bad state. Time to run is proportional to the number of mutatable segments.

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...time for a function, which returns the mutable segments.
At the moment, I do it this way that I define those in a table, making a mutable check needless for a single puzzle.

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Groups: SETI.Germany

Must have been somet impatient people, which abandoned the mutable test, if I look at the average impact.
If you do mutating with recent best, worst case is an eqal result like before.
A vote again for changing the way how impact is calculated.

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I'm not sure it matters but

I'm not sure it matters but the snap routine is using the index into the mutable segments rather than the segment pointed to. I didn't catch this for quite some time.

for iSidechains=1, foldit.GetSidechainSnapCount(i) do
foldit.SidechainSnap(i, iSidechains)

Should be

for iSidechains=1, foldit.GetSidechainSnapCount(segment) do
foldit.SidechainSnap(segment, iSidechains)

or so I believe.

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Version 3.02 fixed some bugs

I made major changes for version 3.02 fixing the bug Gary mentioned, which actually uncovered a few other problems. Should work better now.

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