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Recipe: rav3n`s SSS v 1.0.3
Created by Rav3n_pl 70 951
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Name: rav3n`s SSS v 1.0.3
ID: 6217
Created on: Mon, 07/26/2010 - 09:56
Updated on: Sat, 08/21/2010 - 06:31

Settig secundary structure basing on natural aa predispositions. Freezing Glicyne to show most flexible areas and Proline to show possible ends of sheet or helix.

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Joined: 09/18/2009
Groups: SETI.Germany
That's how the code does look like

-- Scaffolding by Crashguard303
-- Script request by Mat747
-- Included faster band removing, submitted by rav3n_pl

-- Applies bands between segments,
-- if their distance is inbetween an user-specified range,
-- resulting a relative position lock of these segments (scaffolding).
-- This example creates bands between all segments, which have have a distance from 4.75 to 6.

-- NOTE:
-- At the moment, FoldIt doesn't allow us to set band lengths greater than 20.
-- We can't apply bands between adjacent segments, so these are skipped

function ss_check(SegA,SegB)

local SegAss=get_ss(SegA)
local SegBss=get_ss(SegB)
local ss_flag=false

if BandSheets==true then
if SegAss=="E" then
if SegBss=="E" then
end -- if SegBaa
end -- if SegAss
if BandHelices==true then
if SegAss=="H" then
if SegBss=="H" then
end -- if SegBaa
end -- if SegAss
if BandLoops==true then
if SegAss=="H" then
if SegBss=="H" then
end -- if SegBaa
end -- if SegAss
if BandMixed==true then
if SegAss=="H" then
if SegBss=="H" then
end -- if SegBaa
end -- if SegAss
end -- if BandMixed
end -- if BandLoops
end -- if BandHelices
end -- if BandSheets
return ss_flag
end -- function

function DistanceCheck(k,l)
local k=k
local l=l
local Distance
local DistanceFlag=false
Distance=get_segment_distance(k,l) -- get distance
if Distance<=20 then -- The game doesn't allow bands longer than 20
if Distance>=MinDist then -- above or equal minimum?
if Distance<=MaxDist then -- below or equal maximum?
end -- if Distance
end -- if Distance
if InvertFlag==true then DistanceFlag=not(DistanceFlag) end -- Invert result, if desired
end -- if Distance<=20
return Distance,DistanceFlag
end -- function

function Scaffolding(MinDist,MaxDist,DeleteAllBands,Strength)
local MinDist=MinDist
local MaxDist=MaxDist
local DeleteAllBands=DeleteAllBands
local Strength=Strength

local NumSegs=get_segment_count()

if MinDist<1 then MinDist=1 end -- if value is smaller than 1, set it to 1
if MinDist>20 then MinDist=20 end -- if value is bigger than 20, set it to 20
if MaxDist<1 then MaxDist=1 end
if MaxDist>20 then MaxDist=20 end

if MinDist>MaxDist then MinDist,MaxDist=MaxDist,MinDist end
-- If Min>Max, swap them because it wouldn't make sense

if DeleteAllBands then
print("Removing bands...")
while get_band_count() > 0 do band_delete(1) end
end -- if

local OS="Connecting segments with distance be"
if InvertFlag==false then
end -- if
OS=OS.." "..MinDist.."-"..MaxDist.."..."

local Finish=NumSegs-1
local k
for k=1,Finish do
local Start=k+1
local l
for l=Start, NumSegs do
if (l-k)>1 then -- check that there is at least 1 segment between
if DistanceFlag==true then
if ss_check(l,k)== true then
print("Connected ",k,":",l," distance:",Distance) -- show
band_add_segment_segment(k,l) -- connect
local TempBandCount=get_band_count() -- get new band amount
end -- if ss_check
end -- if DistanceCheck
end -- if l-k
end -- l loop
end -- k loop
end -- function

MinDist=4.75 -- Minimum segment distance to band, float value
MaxDist=6 -- Maximum segment distance to band, float value
DeleteAllBands=true -- boolean value
-- If true, all existing bands are deleted before script is executed.
-- If false, previous bands are kept, however.
Strength=1 -- Band strength of the scaffold
-- I forgot minimum and maximum value.
-- Please look for yourself :p
InvertFlag=false -- boolean value
-- set this to true if you want to invert banding
BandSheets=true -- if true, band sheet to sheet
BandHelices=true -- if true, band helix to helix
BandLoops=true -- if true, band loop to loop
BandMixed=false -- if true, band mixed secondrary structures

Scaffolding(MinDist,MaxDist,DeleteAllBands,Strength,InvertFlag) -- Call script with these parameters

Joined: 09/18/2009
Groups: SETI.Germany

As you can see, BandMixed is set to false by default here.
This means, only pure Sheet-Shett, Helix-Helix, and Loop-Loop connections are made.

For example, if you only want to band Sheets, set BandSheets to true, BandHelices to false, BandLoops to false and BandMixed to false.

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eee? it is not about my script!
Somthing buggy there!

This script only sets secundary structure. Nothing else. :)

Joined: 09/18/2009
Groups: SETI.Germany

Oh, the script header is your's,
the rest is mine?
It got mixed up!

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