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Recipe: TimerGames v1.0
Created by KarenCH 51 1376
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Name: TimerGames v1.0
ID: 48971
Created on: Sat, 04/26/2014 - 18:03
Updated on: Sun, 04/27/2014 - 01:03

Times a simple WiggleAll(10,true,true) and reports score change as well

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how to use

reset puzzle 882 run script and show output. you should score 7946.788
output will show you how long it took. see how fast you get.

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What it's for

Very small script that runs WiggleAll for 10 iterations, timing the result.

Proper use:
Bring up puzzle 882. Reset it, set wiggle power to auto.

Run the script. Read the script output window. It'll give a time in seconds as well as start and end scores.

Record the times in comments here, please, along with the number of clients that were running at the time.

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1) Reset puzzle 882
2) Run TimerGames
3) Start score: 7608.0126 Elapsed time: 38 End score: 7946.788 four clients running

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Results for KarenCH

Had 4 clients running. Scores matched. Times were 17, 19, and 18 seconds in three runs.

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From reset each time: puzzle

From reset each time:

puzzle 882, start score 7608.0126
end score 7946.7886

Time 45, 45, 45

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I was a bit disappointed, two of my home computers performed lower than expected, especially the HP notebook (quad core i7) though it was running 4 clients. Number of clients includes the test script client.

HP desktop:   17, 17, 17   3 clients
ASUS desktop: 25, 24, 24   3 clients
Yoga 2 Pro:   35, 35, 35   2 clients
HP notebook:  52, 52, 51   4 clients
Dell desktop: 52, 52, 54   2 clients
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Puzzle 918

Puzzle 918

With Intel Xeon Phi 3120A enabled
110 - 200 seconds
end score +1400 - +4600

With Q8400 / 8GB DDR2-800
65 - 70 seconds
-95,000 end score

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