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Recipe: Evolution of fuzes
Created by rarkenin 60 2063
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Name: Evolution of fuzes
ID: 46222
Created on: Sun, 06/09/2013 - 10:52
Updated on: Sat, 06/15/2013 - 19:21

v4. Tries to evolve fuze patterns by selecting pattern with best DELTA. Uses recent best now.

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Version 0.01 of my fuze evolution script.

Stull very basic. When you start it'll prompt you for a start sequence. Enter it with space delimiters as: 1 2 3 4 5

The opcodes are 1=wiggle at 1.0 CI
2=wiggle at 0.8 CI
7=Wiggle again

On every evolution a new program is generated with a 60% chance of replacement of an opcode and 20% for addition or removal, respectively. The new program is run and the better of old and new is used in the next iteration.

Note that this will NEVER do LWS. LWS before the end-game is bad.

Also, this script is in beta. Don't expect it to be good this version.

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Please consider adding .03, .05, .07, and .9 to list of CI.

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very nice script.

It couldn't get me out of my local minimum but when I restarted it exceeded my score and much more quite quickly.

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I actually overlooked that.

I actually overlooked that. I'll get a new version uploaded tonight.

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Small wine.

Save best achieved by script and if it is stopped then retore to that best.
I can always use undo to restore to last position if I so choose but I can't restore recent best if it's too far away.

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New version: v2. Please note that I'll be updating this often as more testing and feedback happens.

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Oops, forgot link

Oops, I guess it overwrote the last one. Meh. Just delete the old one and grab the new one.

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Function 15 "wiggle

Function 15 "wiggle sidechains" doesn't work. Possibility to insert "shake" would be nice.

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Problem with abosolutebest

I did a lot of work to reposition myself to a score within 50 points of my absolutebest. Unfortunately the script rest to it.
Please save starting position as recentbest then restore to recentbest.
Also, when one cancels retore recentbest. Also restore ci.

It looks like I need to learn the new set of functions.

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Script updated to use recent

Script updated to use recent best instead. I honestly don't know how to make it restore recentbest when cancelled, nor can I find the documentation for this, so just manually restore recent best after killing it for now,

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good idea

I would prefer a user friendly coding like s= shake, w1=wiggle 0.1 etc

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ERROR: [string "--[[Evolutionary fuzes rev2. Loops trough..."]:161 attempt to call field 'WiggleSidechains' (a nil vlue)

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Sometimes it resets my CI to

Sometimes it resets my CI to 0.00

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