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Recipe: Export as recipe
Created by truestone 62 2044
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Name: Export as recipe
ID: 45935
Created on: Wed, 04/17/2013 - 13:38
Updated on: Wed, 04/17/2013 - 20:45

Export a solution as a scaffolding recipe. After applying the recipe in a similar puzzle, with lowered backbone constraints and/or clashing importance, you can wiggle the backbone into roughly the place it was in the exported solution. In other words, it allows you to somewhat copy a solution from one puzzle to a similar puzzle, or to copy a shared solution and pretend it's your solo. Sounds like cheating, doesn't it? The script it pretty small so I doubt no one has already written it. However, ironing out a draft set up this way, and getting a score, turns out not to be easy or even possible at all, which is somewhat of a relief. In a way, this recipe allows you to cook your own quest to the native.

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Posting this script and use of it is subject to account deletion

From the Community Rules:

"Failure to follow these rules may result in kicking or banning from chat and suspension or deletion of your account depending on the severity and number of occurrences.

Do not use scripts to copy data from other players or external sources."

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Recipe removed

The files for this recipe have been removed from the database.

If you try and add this recipe to your cookbook you will receive an error in the game client.

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Thanks to truestone !

I did not see the recipe, but I suppose it is a kind of bug report that will help Foldit team to avoid that this kind of recipe or behavior can be used in the future.

(otherwise, if I understand well, it is relatively simple to elaborate the recipe?)

"The script it pretty small so I doubt no one has already written it"

I had ever the impression that another team (not truestone neither his team) joined our team anomalously quick (hundreds of points within a night) when we were far on the top, thinking that may be our group should not be open to anybody without control (like in most top groups): double accounts allowing to "copy" our solution? My colleagues thought this was impossible. I prefer to let our group open to anybody without control and that Foldit team finds a solution avoiding the use of this kind of recipe ... just because we are here for fun and for a creative competition.

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I keep my group closed for this reason.

As it stands, if a group isn't closed anyone can join and grab recipes and evo's. They can immediately leave the group without anyone realizing they have ever been there. This is why I keep my group closed.

A suggestion I have to mitigate this is for group history to show on profiles. Anonymous profiles created just for this purpose would end up being found out as this history builds.

The groups themselves should have a history log of joins and unjoins along with time and date.

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I just created a feedback on this issue.
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