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Recipe: tlaloc Hydrophobe 3.00
Created by Tlaloc 172 244
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Name: tlaloc Hydrophobe 3.00
ID: 4063
Created on: Wed, 06/30/2010 - 21:52
Updated on: Tue, 11/15/2011 - 11:58

Pushes out hydrophyllic segments, pulls in hydrophobic segments. Good after threading to stabilize. Also good when stuck.

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More details...

Creates a series of random bands. The bands strength is set to max, and the length is set to be within a small distance of the current length between the two segment endpoints of the band. Bands between hydrophobic segments are made shorter than they currently are. Bands between hydrophylic segments are longer than they currently are. It wiggles out, then disables bands and acquires the maximum score it can.

This pushes hydrophylic bands out, and pulls hydrophobic bands in. However, the band length prevents the structure from varying a lot from where it starts. If the structure is unstable, the bands prevent it from exploding, and lets it find its natural shape, which is very good after using the alignment tool and anything else that leaves the structure unstable. It also is useful to kick it out of a local minimum when you get stuck in the middle game.

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Good script, as always!

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Isn't it pretty random?

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can't download

don't know whether it's just me but i have problems adding this one to my cookbook. can anyone help?

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adding to cookbook

just make sure you are logged in the same way to this site as you are to the foldit game, and you can then activate the add to cookbook option.

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thanks for the help

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It worked very well for me.

It worked very well for me. Thanks!

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