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Recipe: Region Scorer V 1.0.1 -- Brow42
Created by brow42 102 2469
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Name: Region Scorer V 1.0.1 -- Brow42
ID: 38634
Created on: Tue, 02/14/2012 - 12:29
Updated on: Fri, 02/24/2012 - 05:31

Like a text version of relative score coloring.Ranks all segment scores from 0 to N-1. Can use custom scoring. Can loop through all starts. Max CI = current slider.

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This is like a printed

This is like a printed version of relative score coloring. It ranks every segment from 0 to N-1, where N is the user selectable number of groups. If you have a multistart puzzle, it will rank each start, after an optional stabilization procedure. CI during stabilization will never exceed the CI behavior slider value at the time you start the recipe. Any or all subscores may be used in the ranking. Ranking is shown first as a fixed-width list for visual comparison, and then as ranges. Segment scores are averaged over an adjustable sliding window.

The intent of this recipe is to help you identify the worst parts for work, or the best and worst parts of each start for partial threading.

A lot of experimentation is needed to see if this works. For partial threading, I suggest only combining the ends, or very long high-scoring sections.

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