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Recipe: Tvdl Rav3n_pl DRW v3.4.1
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Name: Tvdl Rav3n_pl DRW v3.4.1
ID: 37066
Created on: Wed, 01/04/2012 - 14:57
Updated on: Sun, 02/19/2012 - 14:59

Deep Rebuild Worst. Script is finding and rebuilding worst scorin parts of protein. TvdL: several new options added.

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Joined: 09/21/2011
Groups: Void Crushers
New features

Changed by: Timo van der Laan 17-12-2011
Added several extra features:
- Only start again if the gain is big enough
- Possible to block revisiting the same part after a restart
- And also to unblock that if there was enough gain
- Possible to go from maxLen downto minLen
- Specify the number of total reruns
- Stop gracefully by adding a band during a Wiggle

Joined: 08/30/2011
going down from maxlen to

going down from maxlen to minlen doesn't really work for me.
i think there are too many options at the moment which just confuse people

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