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Recipe: tlaloc Repeat Settle 3.00
Created by Tlaloc 51 1399
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Name: tlaloc Repeat Settle 3.00
ID: 3643
Created on: Sun, 06/27/2010 - 15:47
Updated on: Mon, 09/20/2010 - 06:22

Derived from co lapses settle. Repeats the settle algorithm until no points are found. Settle does local wiggles in different patterns across the entire protein.

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Some more details.

This script is a re-implementation of Co Lapse's Settle ( It performs Local Wiggles in various patterns.

It is written in Lua, rather the GUI scripting, and foldit doesn't let one be child of the other. The algorithm repeats until the structure stabilizes with only a minor point since the last repeat.

It will always find some points. Early in the puzzle, it will find lots of points. In the end game, it will still generally find at least a fraction of a point.

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This is a must-have script

This script will be absolutely necessary for any folder that hopes to achieve a good ranking. It tenaciously extracts points and "gets the red out", to allow you to focus on the larger picture.

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Gave me 21 points in just a

Gave me 21 points in just a few minutes of use on an otherwise stuck protein. I feel I will be using much more of this recipe

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Newbie unstuck

I'm a newbie. Was about to give up on my beginner puzzle. A few others had done better on score, so knew it was possible. How? Did a Google search to find ways to get unstuck and fit to an alignment. Found tlaloc's suggested recipes. Amazing to watch the puzzle working away. Am up over 25 points after being stuck for a long time.


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