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Recipe: ST - Glycine Hinge
Created by Seagat2011 111 657
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Name: ST - Glycine Hinge
ID: 29879
Created on: Sun, 06/26/2011 - 16:18
Updated on: Sun, 06/26/2011 - 23:18

Because Glycine is the most flexible Amino acid, it will respond readily and rather predictably to manipulation. The "glycine hinge" is a tactic used to shape a section of a Loop containing at least one glycine. It is most useful when a player has some idea of where other secondary structures should go, and wants to bend the loop in a way that will put them in the appropriate places while not dragging down his local score too much.[1] The recipe attempts to freeze backbone, and necessary Secondary Structures (SS), ("The rods"), around the surrounding Glycine Amino Acid (AA), ("The hinge"), and proceeds to wiggle with bands.

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**Updated - June 26 2011**

Recipe now has new user options:

wiggle_count = 1, -- #iters (during hinge flex)
wiggle_out_count = 30, -- #iters (during unflex or wiggle out)
band_strength = 0.25, -- new band strength parameter

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