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Recipe: Rav3n_pl Compressor v2.2 loss
Created by Rav3n_pl 62 2091
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Name: Rav3n_pl Compressor v2.2 loss
ID: 27351
Created on: Tue, 04/19/2011 - 14:42
Updated on: Sun, 07/03/2011 - 20:36

Compressor w/modulator - change compressing/decompressing each loop. Set for 30pt loss, normal puzzle, ci=1 pull

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Joined: 06/17/2010


cLoops=150 -- number of compression loops. Set as many as you want

decomp=false --set true for DeCompression instead of compression (longer bands to push ouch current solution)
modualtor=false --if true changing compression/decompression each loop

useRegions={ --set regions that have to be used in all bands
--{1,20}, --there are exaples, uncomment and edit
--{25,55}, --needed in some locked or ligand puzzles

compressFrac=5 --make bands shorter (or longer) by that much distance
minSkip=15 --minimum segment distance between banded segments (ie not make bands 20-30, but at least 20-35 or 5-20)
numBands=9 --how many bands use at once

fastQstab=true --only 1 shake and 1 wiglle when true, 1s1w1s1w when false

useFuze=true -- use Fuze after qStab
fuzeScore=-1 --how close we have to be to run Fuze. If negative there have to be gain after qStab to run Fuze

allLoop=true --work in all-loop mode. If false secondary structure stays

S2H=false --if true all bands are between sheets and helixes
structure=false --if true all bands have at least one end on structure (not loop)
noLoops=false --if true band can`t have any end on loop

lastBands=0.3 --starting band strength
bandStr=1.0 -- max band strenght
minDist=7 --mimum band length (minimum spatial distance between banding segments)
slowBands=true --bands strenght are raised few times till score drops by %. If false bands are set to bandStr and one pull is performed

percLoss=2 --pulling stops when score drops by that percent (ie 2=200pts when 10k pts)
repeatGood=false --if true repeating good (positive scoring) bands

pullingCI=1 --clash impotrance during pull. in some cases lower can work better
maxLoss=50 --maximum acceptable LOSS in points. If 0 every pull is performed from best state
reloadBest=5 --reload best solution after that many worst ones (on loss set >0)

normal=true --set false for exploration puzles (use exploration score)

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