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Recipe: Team AD - #0-Rebuilder Group 1
Created by Seagat2011 46 1458
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Name: Team AD - #0-Rebuilder Group 1
ID: 23682
Created on: Wed, 02/23/2011 - 09:54
Updated on: Tue, 03/15/2011 - 00:26

v1.2 Peforms user-spec rebuild based on SS. Compares ws+w+s, s+w, w, and restores recent_best. Recommend that you do not run across templates targeting mutiple ss groups

Best For


Joined: 08/24/2010

This recipe attempts to rebuild horizontally (rebuild from template), instead of vertically (rebuilding from gains).


If my starting score is 8052.012, which then drops to -4012.800, following a rebuild, but the rebuild then raises my overall score to 8988.010, following stabilization, then..

Starting score = 8052.012
Template = -4012.800
Final score = 8988.010

..for the next round of the recipe, the recipe will then grab the -4012.800, not the 8988.010, and try to rebuild again.


This recipe attempts to substitute the following

Starting score ( 4000.00 )
rebuild #1 ( +4052.011 )
Final score = 8052.011


Starting score ( 4000.00 )
rebuild #1 ( +1000.001 )
rebuild #2 ( +1000.010 )
rebuild #3 ( +2052.00 )
Final score = 8052.011

..this recipe attempts to rebuild horizontally.


idx = -- Start index ( idx1 )
offset = -- offset ( Note: idx2 = idx1 + offset )
duration = -- rebuild duration. Helix (3), Loop (2), Sheet (4)

Note: when rebuilding helices (H) or sheets (S), it is recommended "idx" and "offset" end at a loop (L) structure.


L-L-H-H-H-H-H-L-L this example, it is recommended idx = 2 , and offset = 6.


Note: This recipe requires a starting template. If a satisfactory gain is found, it is recommended you save the score (CTRL + N), as well as the template (CRTL + 1) because this recipe requires a starting template.

Joined: 08/24/2010

Recommended for pre-game setup, after an alignment.

Joined: 08/24/2010
**Updated - March 13 2011**


1. New update includes immediate ouptut of any newfound gains,

2. as well new perturbation methods
a."s + ws + w + s",
b. "ws + s + w + s",
c. "wb + s",

Joined: 08/24/2010
**Updated - March 14 2011**


Tweek: Score now immediately calculated from recent_best, instead of once per round.
Bugfix: Recently updated Quickload ( QSlot ) failed to reload best template, for next round.

Joined: 08/24/2010
Free for all to use

A member of our team has defected onto a competing team. He has taken a number of our (Anthropic Dreams) recipes with him. It would be unfair to ask their team NOT to use our recipes, so our team (Anthropic Dreams) has decided to make these, and other recipes, public, so as not to confer an unfair advantage onto them.

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