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Recipe: Gary Slowly MutateAll v1.0
Created by GaryForbis 46 1458
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Name: Gary Slowly MutateAll v1.0
ID: 21483
Created on: Wed, 01/19/2011 - 06:14
Updated on: Wed, 01/19/2011 - 15:10

My deep search version of Mutate All. Don't kill until it restores beginning. It takes awhile. It loops as long as it can find mutations. Does blue fuze between passes.

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I'm embarassed by the simple

I'm embarassed by the simple bug in v0.4. It snapped the same residue time after time. I released this version even though it still needs work. I intended to work on it this last weekend but was too lazy. I'm late for work now.

This version still does bluefuse before and between passes. This takes quite a bit of time on these big proteins.

It accepts the first mutation it can find at a segment and moves on.

I've moved the code to standard names for standard functions and used the improved FindMutableSegments routine I published in the lua library on the wiki. I hope you like this routine if nothing else.

Off to work before I get in trouble.

Joined: 08/06/2010
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problem with this script

It tends to accept changes with insignificant improvement. This wastes a lot of time. Use prior version until the next version comes out.

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