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Recipe: Team AD - local rebuild - Gamma 2 - Seagat2011
Created by Seagat2011 75 1437
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Name: Team AD - local rebuild - Gamma 2 - Seagat2011
ID: 18213
Created on: Tue, 12/07/2010 - 19:41
Updated on: Tue, 03/15/2011 - 00:30

v2.12 - Performs local rebuild on Amino Acid ( AA ) groups, based upon secondary structure ( SS ). Compares QSlots, then restores recent_best for BF. Note : All quicksave slots *are* used! If you abort prematurely, hit ( CTRL + 1 ) to restore your best score.

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Free for all to use

A member of our team has defected onto a competing team. He has taken a number of our (Anthropic Dreams) recipes with him. It would be unfair to ask their team NOT to use our recipes, so our team (Anthropic Dreams) has decided to make these, and other recipes, public, so as not to confer an unfair advantage onto them.

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Script crash

On 409: Exploration Puzzle 1 Round 2, the script crashed partway through.

Here is the output:

Starting Score = 12788.461538462
Printing secondary structure ( SS ) ..
Begin: 1 - End: 3
ERROR: [string "-- local rebuild - Gamma - Seagat2011..."]:215: attempt to compare nil with number

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