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Recipe: ration wetware neurotrans predict.Lua
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Name: ration wetware neurotrans predict.Lua
ID: 105838
Created on: Tue, 01/18/2022 - 01:17
Updated on: Tue, 01/18/2022 - 09:17

Login to to download. If you see Error: Cannot find the specified recipe, then it is currently unshared to your group, but you can ask for it. I test my recipes once for crashes after changing 1 line.

Run on a Design puzzle.

cysteine=c hair protein amino added to bagels. will lag whole Mac if you run AFK3.1.1 afterwards (as of 2021-06).

Glycine Max is the Latin name for soya.

Monosodium Glutamate: weijing, umami, savory The best starter amino acid if you want rank 70/100 Major component of nerves and neurons.

Player Enzyme likes all valine.

Glutamine (Q): amino in white kimchi and sauerkraut. Conditionally essential amino. Can be converted from citrate or glutamate when you're not sick, and thus tastes in between citrus and savory.

Click on a folder and rename to .Lua to export.

Update '22 Hold off on dousing w/ shoyu first to resume progress.

Why keep simulating neurons in a recipe when I can simulate a neurotransmitter (glutamate) and an amino (tryptophan) that breaks into serotonin and dopamine directly within Foldit?

I spilled a wrap making this recipe so try it.

ration wetware neurotrans print.Lua The name wetware comes from Ex Machina. Yielded 12750->12771 on Beg. NCOV Jan 13 '22.

Jan 18 Note that I don't run recipes overnight since I got an infrared heater which is more homely. I also don't play by hand because I'm trying to improve my vision. Therefore, my score may not reflect recipes usefulness. I made a small change to try to make this recipe more useful in non-design puzzles, where it is a challenge to create a unique oracle protein solution. Just --clash

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