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Recipe: nicm25.exi.SubScoring v1.00
Created by Nicm25 70 133
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Name: nicm25.exi.SubScoring v1.00
ID: 105208
Created on: Sat, 09/18/2021 - 15:06
Updated on: Thu, 09/30/2021 - 12:09

get sub scoring color (number mode, number passcount, nullable array data)

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SubScoring description

thank you for your interest.
this is by product of bootstrap, where i prepare tools myself from beginning
and my personal 'Executable Information such package'(exi).

In this little script, get coloring by sub score each segment.
this script will try to change the ideality to change scores, and you will set result using relative score coloring.

3 arguments
mode: select that subscores to evaluate and switch modes. check and select them in the dialog window.
range: 0-9, function:
1:"clashing", 2:"ideality", 3:"backbone"
4:"sidechain", 5:"bonding", 6:"hiding"
7:"packing", 8:"pairwise", 9:"density"
passcount: compare residuals to cancel out errors, more passes, more accurate coloring will be.
range: 1-10 (ext1-100), default: 3, function: 1 is one passing, 10 is ten passing
data: you can extend this source code and color it into any pattern you like. and rainbow and reverse score are attached as demo codes.
default: nil, function: try color according to number array
int return: whether it was successfully. function: 0 is okay, else is problem

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