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Recipe: tau-extremal optimization
Created by CharaLilith 70 109
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Name: tau-extremal optimization
ID: 105093
Created on: Wed, 08/18/2021 - 16:59
Updated on: Mon, 10/25/2021 - 13:31

In extremal optimization, the worst [segment] is changed randomly to see if it improves the fitness of a candidate solution. Tau-extremal optimization adds a bit of randomness to reduce the risk of getting stuck in local extrema. A tau of 0 makes every segment equally likely to be selected, and a higher tau will bias towards the worst segment more and more. A tau of around 1.37 gives an 80% chance of choosing from the worst 10 segments, and a bit over 25% chance of choosing the very worst.

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Nothing to do with half of

Nothing to do with half of pi, right? But works

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fixed behavior of "Stop after minimum score gain"

Before selecting "Stop after minimum score gain" stopped counterintuitively. This is because I was tracking the total score gained rather than just the maximum. It should be easier to set it and forget it now.

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okay, now there's a bug where

okay, now there's a bug where it crashes on line 119 (band.add_random_between_segments) saying that local 'options' is nil. I cannot figure out why options would be nil, or why it wouldn't happen for a while. Maybe it gets GCed for some reason?

anyway, that won't get fixed unless 1. I suddenly become way smarter, or 2. someone else figures out the issue.

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