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Recipe: Banded Worm Pairs Inf Filt 1.4.9
Created by LociOiling 4 1
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Name: Banded Worm Pairs Inf Filt 1.4.9
ID: 104960
Created on: Mon, 06/28/2021 - 22:46
Updated on: Tue, 06/29/2021 - 05:46

Banded worm, with pairs of bands and more random action, including user bands - Filter optimization and infinite run. V1.4.9 fixes a bug when ligands are present.

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ligand bug

Version 1.4.8 crashed on ligand puzzles.

The problem was a simple typo: "Firstligand" should have been "FirstLigand".

With the undefined "Firstligand", the function random() returned a fractional value ( 0 <= n <= 1), which was used as segment number. The Foldit functions don't like fractional segment numbers.

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