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Recipe: nicm25.htf.BlizzardsBurner v1.00
Created by Nicm25 70 68
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Name: nicm25.htf.BlizzardsBurner v1.00
ID: 104841
Created on: Tue, 05/25/2021 - 05:40
Updated on: Mon, 06/14/2021 - 12:00

freeze surface like a title! (nullable segment select, number threshold, boolean boneonly, boolean asone, boolean resetfreezes)

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BlizzardsBurner description

thank you for your interest.
this is by product of bootstrap, where i prepare tools myself from beginning
and my personal 'Hand Tools, Freeze such package'(htf).

In this little script, freezing surface as expose to cold air like title,
can also freeze inside.
5 arguments
select: currently selected segment will be this argument(not in dialog), if none select is 'all apply'.
threshold: based on considering surface and inside, you can adjust to freezing range.
range: -1.0-1.0, default: 0.5, function: 1.0 is freeze to outside, -1.0 is freeze to not inside, 0.0 is almost none
boneonly: set whether to backbone only.
default: false, function: false is both freezes, true is backbone only
asone: set whether to target only or as one when considering surface and inside.
default: false, function: false is target, true is as one
resetfreezes: set whether to running reset freezes.
default: true, function: false is none, true is run reset freezes
int return: whether it was successfully. function: 0 is okay, else is problem

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