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Recipe: neuroNet41-differentiateNegatives.Lua
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Name: neuroNet41-differentiateNegatives.Lua
ID: 104621
Created on: Fri, 03/12/2021 - 08:11
Updated on: Sat, 03/13/2021 - 01:02

Login to to download click Show Output terminal button. open Behavior tab see fitness rising and Check Recipe Score Modding. keep info width within 1 line for hover info. This neural network A.i. is a work in progress. Welcome to rate or expand the hidden layers or add inputs, outputs like parameters or teach it to count. An earlier ReLU version already did somewhat OK on the XOR problem, though it just converged its output from 80 to 0 for both true 1 and false 0.. Maybe try ReLU for hiddens only. Best for new puzzles like Linker people are unfamiliar with, or simple pred. puzzles. Works for multistart arabidopsis.

mar 12 public neuroNet41- differentiateNegatives I ought to write these updates in chronological order (instead of the top being the newest).

mar6 accidentally modified old version, had to merge edits feb.26 alphago likes the "kicks". count the double kicks.

feb 23. this NN finally got a higher score than AFK3 on beg. cov. but it had 23 cuts. shifu: layer , neuron: dendrites: -0.1, -0.9, 0.4, 0.1, , bias: 0.6, neuron: dendrites: 0.2, -1, -0.4, 0.3, , bias: 1 layer , neuron: dendrites: 0.2, 0.9, , bias: -0.9

So now that the NN's are proven ready, I'm making it harder by making cuts or filters disabled only give half or 0 points.

Feb. 9, more comments, and save shifu NN as note which can be copied by user. example: shifu: layer , neuron: dendrites: -0.1, -0.9, 0.4, 0.1, , bias: 0.6, neuron: dendrites: 0.2, -1, -0.4, 0.3, , bias: 1 layer , neuron: dendrites: 0.2, 0.9, , bias: -0.9

publishing. quick fix of bug where pokemon 1 could not be recorded as strongest or 2nd strongest. Feb. 7. noticed a.i. using time consuming action MSG All perhaps to bide time because I did deduct negative score somewhat (alpha=0.1) but divided it by time. Update feb. 2021, fixed index out of bounds for insert.

Jan. 2021 Fixed Design bug del. res out of bounds (del. 2x). Still has out of bounds insert bug. Discarding update ideal14's advanced evolution in favor of "disciple exceeds master". Also trying out muta worst seg.

2020 It likes Rebuild worst for prediction. Fixed choosing best scorer subtle bug. Had been assigning non-weakest as strongest, so last critter tended to be "strongest". Also added runner-up. now without creditbest. and, or? greyscale and teacher w/o random, outputs converge to 1 after waking from a 9 hour sleep Now with random inputs. W/ random inputs, convergence after 1 hour (hora) realized the xor function was bugged fixed xor, changed stuff converges to 98.5% fitness after 10 min. "Code 871". now IRL problem, clash. middle ground 0.9 after 5 mins

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