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Recipe: Safe Fun 1.4
Created by LociOiling 4 1
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Name: Safe Fun 1.4
ID: 104212
Created on: Mon, 12/14/2020 - 19:36
Updated on: Tue, 12/15/2020 - 03:36

Safe Fun demonstrates the use of the pcall function to trap errors. SafeFun tests many of the Foldit Lua functions for parameter errors, such as segment out of range. SafeFun allows testing functions by group, such as band, behavior, selection, and structure. Version 1.2 adds a dialog to allow control over which tests run. Version 1.3 refines error testing. Version 1.4 adds new recent functions, and a few older ones, too.

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new version, more functions, new test type

This version adds testing the new "metric" functions, and also the "save" functions, both old and somewhat new.

See the comments for previous versions for more details.

There's now a "crashy" type of test, for something which is known to crash or hang Foldit. This test type is not selected by default.

The logic for selecting groups of functions has changed, so it's more like radio buttons*. Now if "select all" is checked, but you then select "save", "select all" is cleared, and only the "save" functions are tested.

There are still many functions which aren't tested.

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I like this recipe !

Even if it crashed the client after some time on 1929 ;)

test # 23: calling structure.SafeInsertResidue ( 189 )
structure.SafeInsertResidue ( 189 ), rc = 0
ERROR: unexpected rc = 0
test # 24: calling structure.SafeInsertResidue ( -1 )

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