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Recipe: Ci1 AFK3.1.1 & BWPIF1.4.5nonlocked.Lua
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Name: Ci1 AFK3.1.1 & BWPIF1.4.5nonlocked.Lua
ID: 104064
Created on: Sun, 10/25/2020 - 02:27
Updated on: Tue, 10/27/2020 - 09:31

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For Aflatoxin 1908 puzzle with 2 separate groups of unlocked segments. Press Cancel once to skip to endgame. Tested against original recipe by skipping ahead to locked segments by holding down spacebar for 1 min 15 sec. and letting recipes run for remaining 45 seconds, from the same high solution 9680.907. Nonlocked mod yielded .001 point and original yielded no change, as it was only running on locked segments (though they have moveable sidechains, I guess LWS doesn't do much for it at endgame). Original recipe was probably originally intended for only 1 chunk of unlocked segments like COV binder design, but it had precursor code ready to transition it to separated unlocked groups.

You can share this recipe. This combines the 2 best recipes.

Away From Keyboard until 5 dog-days (consecutive failed iters) for fast fuseki. Endgame: Banded worm, with pairs of bands and more random action, including user bands - Filter optimization and infinite run. Not totally AFK in Design puzzles as it spawns another dialog box.

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